Monday, December 28, 2009

Wright Apprentice John Rattenbury Visits Kentuck Knob

Rattenbury and groupFROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Director Marianne Skvarla, Bernardine Hagan, John Rattenbury, Beverly Gardom

This summer the staff at Frank Lloyd Wright's House on Kentuck Knob had the privilege to host a meeting between former Kentuck Knob owner, Bernardine Hagan, and former Wright Apprentice, John Rattenbury.

Pastries, coffee, and tea were served in the living room as staff listened to Mrs. Hagan and Mr. Rattenbury talk of their experiences with Mr. Wright.

Kentuck_RattenburyJohn Rattenbury at Kentuck Knob

One of the room's favorite stories was about ice cream. Mr. and Mrs. Hagan would often send gallons of their Hagan Ice Cream to Taliesin as a gift for Mr. Wright and the Apprentices. Mr. Rattenbury specifically remembers as many as fifty Apprentices, including himself, lining up for a scoop. And, who do you suppose was doling out those scoops? Mr. Wright, of course.

Hagan_Rattenbury signingBernardine Hagan signing her book for John Rattenbury

After the visit, Mr. Rattenbury and Mrs. Hagan signed copies of their books, including one for each other.

Photos by Jason Jack Miller

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