Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Freeport Area Art Students Visit Kentuck Knob

During a field trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's House on Kentuck Knob last fall, Freeport Area junior high students from Mrs. Spagnola's Art class learned about the famous architect, the Hagans' beautiful home, and Lord Palumbo's many sculptures.

Here are their photos and comments:

“Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture was ingenious and truly ahead of its time. I liked the shape of the house, how he used compression and release and the invisible window.”
- Clay Hess

Michaela Bowser_kentuck_patio
Photo by Michaela Bowser

“The Kentuck Knob house was absolutely gorgeous. I loved the earthy color scheme and the open fireplace. I also thought that the sculpture garden was really unique.”
- Shelby Solla

Kaleigh Lowers_Kentuck_View
Photo by Kaleigh Lowers

“The invisible window really made it feel like the living space was part of the environment. I think the skylights in the roof were amazing, and the sculpture meadow was different and pretty cool.”
- Cameron Hoben

Maddie Wonders_Kentuck_Apple Core
Photo by Maddie Wonders

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